Are Black Friday deals good?

 Like many of those who learned to shop in the pre-online era, I was reverent observer of Black Friday. The parade, football games, and inevitable Home Alone screening were just space between the commercials that helped me plot the next day's shopping. The local newspaper, generally not of interest to a middle schooler, was a valuable research tool. 

My main shopping goal was always a new pair of boots, and Black Friday rarely disappointed. Now that the holiday has been overtaken by Walmart's annual trampling, I've started to celebrate Black Friday at home and do my shopping online. This year's boots are already in my Amazon cart, ready for the buy button. 

I probably won't press that buy button on Friday. I probably won't even press it on Cyber Monday, when online deals are supposed to be their best. Online prices--especially at big retailers--fluctuate so often that it's absurd to assume the price will be best on those two days. 

Instead, I'll be watching my e-mail for a camelcamelcamel alert, set to automatically contact me when the price drops. If you're a regular Amazon shopper and not already using this resource, do yourself a huge holiday favor and set up your own free account. You can use all the money you're saving for more boots.