Throw out your books and fry some scones

Snackdinner's making the rounds this weekend!

I'm on this weekend talking about my reluctant acceptance of the Konmari method:

With the books, the choice was just as simple. It was either them or the daily allergy meds required to share the same air as dust. So I stockpiled loratadine. I hesitated to part with my library, built on childhood favorites, augmented with my first babysitting dollars, and sustained through three degrees in English.

But Kondo nagged each time I walked past the wall of extra-high shelves I had built to house my collection. Did the books spark joy? If not, what purpose did they serve?

Want to see how that ends?

Lest you envy my newly self-actualized, office-organized self, head on over to Sweatpants and Coffee to read about my latest sconetastrophe

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