What can you make with a paper punch?

One of the changes I've noticed in myself since embarking on snackdinner has been my patience and flexibility during long days home with D. I think there's something important not just in having a creative outlet (I don't think I've ever been without a project), but in being publicly creative. Writing, even for an imagined blog readership, has also been a type of self-fulfilling prophecy. Writing about a philosophy makes it easier to adhere to that philosophy, even if kiddo woke up at 4 am...and is teething...and we're stuck inside on a rainy day. 

I've also been better at letting the kiddo lead our playtime. I'm focusing less on what I think would be fun for him and more on what he wants to explore. That approach, coupled with the Mystery Box, led to a full morning playing with a paper punch. 

The punch we used is made by EKTools, and is available on Amazon through the link to the right (just click on the photo).

I thought we'd use the punch to make thank you notes for his grandparents,

IMG_2668 (2).jpg

but the spare pieces screamed puzzle,

then finger puppet house,


then, of course, confetti.