What's the best coffee for people who hate coffee?

It's 2:11 pm. Less than an hour into D's usual 2-hour naptime...after a night of 7 hours' sleep (a dream night for me...but not so much for a two-year-old). And now he's screaming because the letter "E" is missing. More on my reluctant hate-watch relationship with LeapFrog in a future post. First, I need some coffee.

But here's the thing: I hate coffee. In the days before D (and the daily low-grade headache that comes with routine sleep deprivation and poor self-care), coffee was a reliable migraine-inducer. I don't care for the taste, or for the smell. But I've learned that, as with most things, coffee can be dramatically improved with prodigious amounts of sugar and fat. 

Enter Zingerman's. We didn't move to Ann Arbor for its famous deli. But we did move across town so that we could be a 9-minute walk away from it. At Next Door (conveniently located next door to the Deli), I found an answer to my up-all-night, why-won't-he-nap problem: The Dirty Sheed

The drink features "2 shots of espresso, a shot of Mexican vanilla, lots of ice and a little cream." The proportion of coffee to sugar to fat is just right for me, and the ice keeps the drink refreshing instead of cloying.

The recipe leaves a little room for interpretation, so I have tinkered at home and settled on the following recipe:



  • Combine heavy cream and vanilla syrup in large glass.

  • Stir in espresso.

  • Top with ice.

Note for locals: The Deli now delivers! So if you're home bound with a sick kiddo, or if it's been three unshowered days and you don't want to leave your house, you can have them bring a Dirty Sheed to you.