toddlerDIY: dip dot letter art

D is delighted with his new "dip dot" painting technique. This week he asked to make letters, so I held his hand and helped him make a few. 

When we started buying paints for D, we were tempted to get the little white paint palettes you see in elementary schools. I am so glad we didn't, because nearly any container can be used as a paint tray. Plastic plates, cups, and baking pans are all great options, and lead to different sorts of projects. Plastic plates work great for making handprints. Plastic cups work well if you're making big strokes across posterboard or kraft paper. Kids can step onto paint-covered baking pans to make trails of colorful footprints. 

 Silicone candy molds make for great paint trays.

Silicone candy molds make for great paint trays.

We've started using this half sphere silicone mold, leftover from our pre-toddler life of molecular gastronomy experiments, for dip dot painting. The little wells hold just the right amount of paint for tiny fingers to play with, and invite lots of mixing experiments. The silicone is easy to clean, which lets us focus on our art instead of our messes. 

What household tools do you use for #toddlerDIY? Tag us @trysnackdinner to share your great ideas!