"Anything is a toy if you play with it"

The joke that kids are likely to reject toys in favor of the boxes they came in is so popular that there are at least two successful children's books based on the subject (Leslie Patricelli's The Birthday Box and Antoinette Portis' Not a Box, both excellent). 

Sticks, rocks, wooden spoons, toilet paper rolls, magnets, credit cards: kids can make toys out of everything. But adults sometimes need a reminder about this. Thanks to Parks & Rec, we have one.


Inspired by Mr. Dwyer, I made a poster for D's room:

Andy Dwyer, font of wisdom

I hope that, as D grows older, the poster will be a reminder to him to find creative ways to play. Right now, though, it's a reminder to me to stop filling his shelves with more stuff and finding new ways to play with everything in our house. 

Feel free to print the poster (18"x24" or less should work reasonably well), or make your own designs using Canva. You can make many basic designs for free, or use their design add-ons for $1 each.