What's the best photo album for little kids?

Recently I published a post with my three favorite photo printing apps. One of the apps I had included in my initial trial was Groovebook. The company's slow shipping speed meant my first book did not arrive in time for my first list. Now that I have received my first order, I want to give Groovebook a tentatively positive review. 

Groovebook: $
iOS, Android

Groovebook: 4x6 album subscription, $2.99/month.

Groovebook: 4x6 album subscription, $2.99/month.

Groovebook is a subscription-based app ($2.99/month plus tax). Each month, you can upload 40-100 photos for inclusion into a just-larger-than 4x6 book. The pages of the book tear out for easy sharing, which make it a nice hybrid of printed photos and photobook.

The downsides: Groovebook is owned by Shutterfly, so the print quality is what you should expect from Shutterfly: nothing particularly great. The shipping time is significantly slower than the other photo printing apps I've tried. The biggest issue is upload speed: the first time I tried to upload photos the process took a few days. I suspect this bug has been fixed, though, because my second book uploaded in minutes. 

The upsides: This is an almost ridiculously cheap, cute storage method for photos. We have a huge extended family, and always try to review family photos with our child before visits. At $2.99 each, Groovebooks are a great alternative to our much nicer albums, because our son can flip through them at will without us worrying about him ruining them. In fact, my son has already hidden my first Groovebook away on his own bookshelves. 

Bottom line: If you're looking for display-quality prints, I still recommend Parabo Press or Social Print Studio. But if you want photobooks to add to your child's library and don't mind the shipping time, Groovebook's inexpensive subscription service is a clear winner.