Celebrate Father's Day with advice from 3 awesome dad blogs

Critique of the Father's Day gift troika--golf, grill, tie--is so ubiquitous that I'm surprised those themes still fill greeting card racks from late May to June. In 2016, The Year of the Hot Dog Princess, can't we view fathers as more than golfing, grilling, tie-wearers who occasionally do some parenting? 

I've rounded up three of my favorite dad blogs below. Each is a strong reminder to #parentlikeadad.

Ask Your Dad: Fatherhood isn't about having the right answers, it's about "getting asked." That's the approach John Kinnear takes to his parenting advice blog. "35 Things I Have Learned in 35 Years" is, despite the fact that he "once said that Oasis would be bigger than the Beatles," full of wonderful advice for any person at any age, including "Sometimes you should ignore your own advice and eat an entire pizza." 

8 Bit Dad: 8BitDad isn't just for parenting geeks (or geeky parents), but for all parents who are fierce and funny advocates for their kids. Tom Burns' recent "Why It Matters That They're Now Making Star Wars and Marvel Underwear for Girls" isn't quite parenting advice, but carries with it the important message that small victories matter. 

How to Be a Dad: Co-written by dads and friends Charlie Cohen and Andy Herald, How to be a Dad features great "how-not-to" advice about parenting, served up with plenty of self-effacing humor. In a recent post for the site, Charlie offers a strong takedown of the "dumb dad" stereotype, one that he argues is bad for parents of both genders. The "dumb dad" figure "glorifies men when they actually do something as a parent, while making women the bearer of responsibility and hardship because they're the 'true' parent." Charlie concludes the post with a collection of beautiful and poignant photos of dads and kids; the collection captures dads who are not stereotypical caricatures, but thoughtful, present parents. 

If Dad loves to grill, by all means, buy him stuff for the grill. Or, because this year Father's Day also falls on National Martini Day, make him one and raise a glass to three-dimensional dads everywhere.