Where's the best place to buy toddler socks?

"What do you see when you look in the mirror?"
"I? I see myself holding a pair of thick, woolen socks."
Harry stared.
"One can never have enough socks," said Dumbledore. "Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books." 

Dumbledore may have been lying to Harry about what he saw in the Mirror of Erised, but his words to Harry have often been on my mind when shopping for socks for D. It seems that most kids' socks aren't the thick and cozy kind meant to withstand multiple wearings. And while many of the kid-centered clothing stores sell cute socks, I'm bothered by how gendered the choices are for kids of either sex (ruffles for her, cars for him). 

I'm still holding my breath for the day that Tie Bar decides to make kids' socks. Until then, here are a few of my favorite options. 

S is for sock.  Men's Harvest sock  and  Newborn kites sock , both from PACT.

S is for sock. Men's Harvest sock and Newborn kites sock, both from PACT.

Pact: This company makes wonderfully soft, organic cotton socks that hold up wash after wash. The "newborn kites sock" 2-pack I purchased came with one trouser-weight pair and one thicker-weight pair, each in the same color set but in a different pattern. Some of the kid patterns come with matching or color-coordinating adult styles, so Pact is a great choice if you want a well-heeled family photo. 

Janie and Jack: Here you'll find loads of classic patterns (think argyle and cable) in basic colors. Although at full price these socks often cost more than socks you'd buy for yourself, if you are lucky enough to live near a store you can often find them on sale for a few dollars. And if you find a pair you like online, you can buy them at the local store and have them waive the shipping cost.

Vybe: Although the title indicates "boys" socks, these socks are not gendered: you'll find a range of argyle, dot, and stripe patterns in eye-popping colors. If you are purchasing these socks from Amazon, the size guide can be a little tricky. I ordered size small for my 2-year old and they fit great: relatively snug but with a little room to grow.