How do you move with a toddler? Part 5: Building a home within a home

This post is part of an ongoing series about moving with toddlers.

When D was cheering for "More Real Estate," we thought we had done a good job preparing him for life in our new home. But at least once a day, he's asked to go home. Even though he seems happy in the new house, "it's not a home, it's real estate." 

Last week I scaled back on unpacking and cleaning to help make D more comfortable here. The project had one simple rule: make D feel more at home. Well, two rules: make D feel more at home using only materials we had on hand. We came up with this:

The roof and gables came from the washing machine box; the base of the house came from the dryer. The orange paint was leftover from the wall of his old room. The birds came from the mobile that hung in his old room (and would have hung here had our movers been a bit gentler with it). The design on the roof was made with this adorable foam roller set left over from D's birthday party

Based on number of times I've heard the cardboard doors open and close during nap time, I'm guessing he's feeling more at home.