What can you do with a swaddling blanket besides swaddle?

I feel a bit guilty about the Aden & Anais swaddling blankets I *had to have* before my winter baby was born. I just loved the bright tones of the B Jeweled ones, and even though I'm normally pastel-resistant, I couldn't resist the mint-colored dots, stars, and stripes in the Oh My! set. 

Once out of the always-warm hospital, these beautiful blankets didn't get nearly as much use as our warmer, fuzzier options. My guilt grew along with the dust collecting on top of that pile of muslin.

As soon as I stopped seeing the blankets as just blankets, I found great new uses for them:

Two ghosts pose by the ruins of an old fort.

Two ghosts pose by the ruins of an old fort.

  1. Baby's first fort: These breezy blankets drape easily over baby activity gyms, so you can up your peek-a-boo game.

  2. Safe ghosts: Breathable, translucent fabric means that when your kid decides he wants to throw blankets on his head, he can do so without blocking his airway or bumping into all of the furniture.

  3. Toy blankets: These are a great size for kiddo's stuffed animals and dollies.

  4. Pillowcases: Use Made Everyday's great pillowcase tutorial to give it new life.

  5. Pajamas: At 47" x 47", they'll yield a few pairs of breezy pj pants. We've shared Craftiness is Not Optional's great pj pants pattern before, and we'll do it again here!

  6. Shawl: Babies and kids seem to like these blankets, but you probably bought them because you loved them. Why not use one to make something for yourself? Fold the blankets into rectangles for a great chunky scarf, or cut and re-sew for an infinity scarf.