Should our leaders “believe in” science?

Set aside, for a moment, the problem of "believing" in science (which is arguably a field one cannot "believe" in). That we have a presidential candidate who feels it important to set herself apart from her ostensibly-Republican opponent by championing science should give us all pause. 

Parenting blogs often appear apolitical: expressing an opinion about an election seems outside the scope of meal tips, kid crafts, and daily dramas. But at its very core, parent blogging is about making the world just a little bit better. I would argue that MORE of us need to be overtly political for the same reason we provide nap tips: we want to make life better not just for us and our kids, but for everyone.

So, I'll take one tiny step into the fray: 

I want leaders who don't deny climate change

I want leaders who have basic understanding of human anatomy, and who can use anatomical language without fear of reprimand from their colleagues. 

I want leaders who don't seek to exclude what is arguably the best-studied scientific theory we have from textbooks

I want leaders who understand their own limitations, and as such seek counsel from the best scientific minds of our time...including our youngest ones

And one more baby step: while I've seen a large share of onesies that are "With Her" or "Making America Great Again," I'll be shopping for clothes that encourage curious explorers and expect that political candidates be with them.

Now I'm off to make a baking soda volcano.