How do you make a pumpkin for your pumpkin?

Happy Fall! If you're a PSL-lover, season's greetings to you.

Though the world is split between pumpkin spice lovers and haters, we can all agree that kids look adorable in fall hats. There are cute pumpkin hats to be found all over, but most have at least one of the following problems: 

  1. The hat is too tightly woven, meaning that if you buy it in September your child will outgrow it before Thanksgiving.

  2. The hat is more orange than pumpkin because there are no ridges.

  3. The hat has green leaves drooping down from its stem. What harvested pumpkin have you ever seen with evergreen stem and leaves?

I've created my own pumpkin beanie pattern for your little pumpkins. I've conceded to a green stem even though brown might be more seasonally appropriate, but otherwise, this pattern resolves all three problems listed above. It is crocheted, meaning even the most novice crafters won't make it too tight. It's made of alternating sets of front-post and back-post stitches, which give it a ridged surface like a real pumpkin. 

If you're already a crafter and comfortable with crochet patterns, download the pattern below. If you haven't done much crocheting before, or if you know how to crochet but have never made a hat, click here for some tips to help you make a beautiful project.

This pattern is free to download. If you like the pattern, share the love by making another hat for someone else: another baby in your family, a holiday hat tree, or the NICU at your local hospital. 

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