Shopping cart covers and the problem of a "germ free" enviornment

There's more fecal matter on your shopping cart than a public toilet! Time to scrub every inch of the cart with hand sanitizing wipes and buy a shopping cart cover!

Before you panic, head over to, where I'm talking about the problems of shopping cart covers and the public reception of germ-related research:

First, there is the problem of installing the cover in the first place. Imagine you are trying to cover a shopping cart while also carrying a child. You are inevitably going to touch the shopping cart in the process. During the trip through the store, you are probably going to touch your child, say, to give them the snack you promised yourself you wouldn’t open until you got out of the checkout. So, even though the cover is there, from the moment you touched the cart you’ve picked up and transmitted bacteria to the cart cover, to yourself, to the snack, and, therefore, to your child’s mouth.

Second, even if you managed not to touch a single square inch of the cart, the bottom of the cover will touch the cart. If the cart is covered in bacteria, so is the bottom of the shopping cart cover. And if bacteria is on the bottom of the cart cover, it’ll be on the top eventually.

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