Can you breastfeed on meds?

A few weeks ago, I published a piece at about why you don't need to pump and dump when drinking. Lots of parents asked if I knew if they should pump and dump while on medications. I didn't.

But now I do. Well, sort of. There are a lot of medications out there. But I am back up at this week talking about the concept of concentration and how it applies to breastfeeding moms on meds:

When looking for drug information, new mothers might question whether a drug is “safe or unsafe” for breastfeeding. That question, however, is an oversimplification. Furthermore, given the vast array of medications available and each individual physician’s experience, the “safe or unsafe” question might be answered differently by different people. When making the choice to take a medication and pause or discontinue breastfeeding, nursing mothers might do well to think less in terms of absolutes and more in terms of concentration.

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