What do new parents ask search engines?

Can I drink coffee while pregnant?
Can I change the litter box while pregnant?
Can I eat sushi while pregnant?
Can I lift weights while pregnant?
Can I tell people I'm pregnant?
Can I travel while pregnant?
Can I paint the nursery while pregnant?
Can I hold my pee while pregnant?
Can I name my baby that?
Can I handle labor and delivery?

Will my child have my eyes?
Will my child be healthy?
Will my child be tall?
Will my child be like me?
Will my child be better than me?
Will my child be curious?
Will my child be smart?
Will my child be good looking?
Will my child be adventurous?
Will my child be happy?

Is my baby cold?
Is my baby hot?
Is my baby teething?
Is my baby nursing often enough?
Is my baby breathing?
Is my baby too calm?
Is my baby too big?
Is my baby too small? 
Is my baby constipated?
Is my baby cute enough to be a Gap model?

Why won't my baby latch?
Why won't my baby sleep?
Why won't my baby poop?
Why won't my baby stop crying?
Why won't my baby nurse on one side?
Why won't my baby cry it out?
Why won't my baby smile at my parents?
Why won't my baby's hair grow in?
Why won't my baby touch grass? 

When will my baby sleep through the night?
When will my baby roll over?
When will my baby sit up?
When will my baby crawl?
When will my baby talk?
When will my baby walk?
When will my baby self-feed?
When will my baby not want to be held all the time?
When will my baby be a toddler?
When should I unplug the baby monitor?

How do I baby-proof my home?
How do I puree baby food?
How do I keep my baby safe while I shower?
How do I get my baby to stop waking up at 5am?
How do I make time for my spouse?
How do I get urine stains out of the carpet?
How do I get marker out of the couch?
How do I find a babysitter?
How do I stay awake for date night?
How do I lose baby weight?

Where are the best story hours?
Where can I take my kid on a rainy day?
Where is the nearest ER?
Where do I donate old baby items?
Where can I hold a birthday party?
Where should I send my child to school?
Where should I open a college fund?
Where should my extended family sleep during the holidays?
Where should my family go on vacation?
Where does all my time go?

What words should my child know before kindergarten?
What time should my child go to bed?
What should I pack in my child's lunch?
What is my child's ideal weight?
What can I do to speed up our morning routine?
What do I say to get my child to smile for photographs?
What chores can my child be responsible for?
What age can my child go to the park alone?
What should my child write in thank you notes?
What is the height limit for that ride?

Should I get my child glasses?
Should I get my child a flu vaccine?
Should I give my child after school snacks?
Should I give my child a trampoline?
Should I give my child a sibling?
Should I let my child go on field trips?
Should I let my child play soccer?
Should I let my child have a cell phone?
Should I let my child quit violin?
Should I let my child wear that?

How do I go from couch-5K?
How do I make new friends?
How do I reconnect with my spouse?
How do I pass time in the school pick-up line?
How do I clear out the toy collection? 
How do I pad a 5-year resume gap?
How do I organize my home office?
How do I make quality time on school nights?
How do I relax?
What do I do now?