Try Snack Dinner

"Snack dinner" was a regular feature of my childhood. Sliced pepperoni, Cracker Barrel Sharp Cheddar, and a 99-cent loaf of fluffy Price Chopper Italian bread were constant fixtures, which played well with a rotating cast of fruits and veggies and the occasional bag of chips. 

Most people might call this meal "sandwiches." But "snack dinner" worked magic. For my parents, snack dinner was a means of hitting all of the food groups for four picky kids. It was a simple meal that required little thought while allowing for infinite variation. For us, it was eating. snacks. for. dinner!

Snack Dinner will not help you trick your kids into eating vegetables. In fact, it often won't be about food. Instead, Snack Dinner offers inspiration for parents who want to make magic out of the ordinary in pursuit of a playful home.

Need some magic today? Have your kids help you pick out some bread, cheese, and other tasty bits and treat them to a snack dinner in your living room. And stay tuned.