The Casserole Project: Providing Support for Mental Illness

PC:  Tumisu  for  Pixabay

PC: Tumisu for Pixabay


This morning I'm thrilled to share the work of Kelly Higgins Bay of Beer and Junk. Regular snackdinner-ers will know that I share her work often, and this morning she has a piece so important that 30 fellow bloggers are sharing it: The Casserole Project.

“If you were facing a potentially fatal cancer diagnosis, people would be lined up at your door with casseroles.”

A friend shared those words with me several years ago after his partner suffered a life threatening depressive episode. Their therapist was talking them through the isolation they may face. Despite having depression myself, that was as close as I had ever been to the true horror of the disease and I felt utterly helpless.

I got off the phone that day and sent a casserole, or more accurately a gift certificate for pizza, and the first seeds of The Casserole Project were born. A simple idea to support those affected by mental illness in the same way we provide support to those suffering from physical illnesses.

You can read the rest here. And if, like Kelly, you're too far away from your loved ones to bring casseroles, send them a snackdinner. I highly suggest Zingerman's Mail Order.