A Research-Based Pregnancy Calendar

A google search can turn up all kinds of fascinating and wonderful things, like the image gallery of the Wellcome Collection, a resource for the "insatiably curious" that features, among other things, the photo of Smokey Sue who appears in Week 6 of this calendar (she smokes for two!).

But your pregnancy-based searches are also going to turn up a lot of stories that needlessly terrify you about becoming a parent.

I started snackdinner with the premise that better researchers make better parents. This doesn’t mean that you need a PhD to be a good parent. Instead, it means that stronger research skills will make you less susceptible to the next parenting scare, whether it’s moldy Sophies or Tide Pods.

I hope that, through reading this week-by-week calendar, you'll become a more critical thinker, and that after your baby arrives you'll keep coming to snackdinner apply your sharpened research skills to your parenting.